Commemorating the Fallen

Although a small village, Newington suffered significant losses during The Great War and, over the past 100 years, men and women of Newington have continued to serve both in peacetime and in war.

Newington History Group's commemoration of the WWI Fallen started with a mystery: there are two war memorials, one in St Mary's church and one in the churchyard. But there are different names on each. Why? If mistakes had been made, could that mean some men from Newington hadn't been recorded on either memorial? As NHG researchers Dean Coles, Thelma Dudley and Debbie Haigh started to investigate, they discovered more Fallen and more details about the men who were already recorded. Their research extended - what about the men who served and were fortunate enough to return?

The result was a Book of Remembrance; an intensively researched, detailed and moving commemoration of the men who served in The Great War, both those who died and those who returned. A specially commissioned presentation book now resides in the Lady Chapel in St Mary's church, housed in a handcrafted oak cabinet built specifically for the purpose. It can be seen whenever the church is open or by appointment. A second edition of the book, Newington Remembers, is on sale and can be ordered using the Contact Us page.

The research has developed into an educational and community project. To commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of each of the Newington men who fell, the staff and pupils of Newington CEP hold a service where the Newington History Group research allows them to learn about the soldier, about his place in Newington before he went to war, and his family.

Descendants have been traced where possible and some have attended the services at the school; many of them knew very little or nothing about their ancestor and the visits have been moving and informative.