Privacy policy

Newington History Group is a voluntary group set up to investigate, record and promote the history of Newington and the surrounding area through study, publication and education.

Data is collected from members and from those contacting the group for the purposes of research. This information is used to administer the group, distribute the monthly newsletter and information about events and research relevant to the group's purpose and to enable research.

Membership information is collected on paper forms and transferred to password protected databases. The membership databases are accessible only by the group Secretary and the newsletter editor. Paper forms are then destroyed. Names, telephone numbers and addresses are also kept in a dedicated book held securely by the Secretary.

All data is acquired by consent. Consent will be gained explicitly through the membership form or through alternative means for non-members. Renewal of consent will be sought annually, through the membership form for members or through email/text for those who are not members. 

Individuals have the right to be forgotten. Members who do not renew will be contacted to either give permission for their details to be kept in a visitors database to ensure they continue to receive information about the group or to request that their details are deleted from NHG records. Former members and any others whose information is held by the group will be contacted annually to give them the option of deleting their details from NHG records. 

Data is never used for marketing purposes or passed to a third person without the express consent of the individual. 

Photographs may be taken at NHG meetings and events and distributed through a variety of media to publicise the group. Members' permission to use their image in this way is explicitly sought on the membership form. Visitors will be notified at each event and attendance will equate to explicit permission. Images will be destroyed by request or no more than five years after being taken. 

Any unauthorised breach of data will be notified to relevant individuals within 48 hours of the breach being discovered.