Newington History Group

The group was founded in 2012 by Thelma and Graham Dudley with the purpose of investigating, recording and promoting the history of Newington and its environs through study, education and publication. 

 The group has monthly talks, undertakes research for publication and interest and encourages involvement in projects that promote an understanding and appreciation of history and how it can bring communities together.

NHG has become one of the largest groups in the village with links that extend across the globe to leave a legacy of knowledge.

Why history?

Newington History Group encourages everyone to understand something of their own history and the history of their area for pleasure, for understanding and to promote good communities. 

We're passionate about the history of our village and its surroundings. Situated on the Medway estuary, near Sittingbourne in Kent, it's been visited by Celts, Romans, kings and pilgrims as well as being an important producer of fruit, baskets and bricks. Former residents helped found colonies and rewrote history; the village stood at the front line of the Home defences in the Great War. We want people to remember that everything that happens in the world today is influenced by the events of the past. 

History matters. Most importantly - it's fun!

Explore our website for more about Newington, for ideas about research and to see how history is relevant to today.